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Art Festival “Khorumi” - 2014
Batumi Art State University
The aim of the art festival is to increase public awareness about creative fantasy and imagination as well as inspire young people to develop their improvisation skills. The festival also allows participants to get to know each other and establish future cooperation. 

Batumi Art State University annually holds the art festival at the end of May dedicated to the Independence Day of Georgia. Participants of the Festival –“Khorumi – Original Idea” held in 2014  will be artistic groups of students from higher educational institutions of Georgia, artistic groups of public and private schools, choreographic groups, music colleges, the students of art and music schools, public and private ensembles, ballet schools, individual performers. The participants can also be artistic groups or individuals being outside the borders of Georgia. 

Within the frames of the festival there will be held a scientific conference on the theme of Khorumi.

Festival Program, Regulations and Conditions
• Participants must fill the application form (enclosure №2) in order to enroll. The application form must be filled six months earlier before the festival is officially opened. The participants can fill the application in the festival office or send it by email( info@batu.edu.ge).
• The Participant Selection Committee of the festival is responsible for selecting the participants according to competition. Those who are eager to take part in the festival are required to bring a video version (DVD CDs) of their creative project and introduce it to the Selection Committee (Batumi Art State University). The electronic version of the project can also be sent by post (Luka Asatiani Str. № 37) or by email (info@batu.edu.ge). The Selection Committee has rights to make solutions concerning any cases during the selection process.
• Deadline: Oct 15 - Nov15, 2013.
• The selection tour will take place on the 1st -5th of March, 2014. 

Participants can represent the following works for the Festival program:
1. “Khorumi” – performed by a choreographic group or ensemble (5-7 minutes).
2. “Khorumi” – a musical performance (3-5 minutes). (Vocal-instrumental, a cappella performed by ensembles, duet, solo, trio, quartet, etc. (3-5 minutes).
3. “Khorumi” – reflected in fine arts (painting, graphics, decorative - applied arts).
4. “Khorumi” – reflected in film & TV and photo arts (1-3-5 m). 
5. Theatrical Etudes - (3-5 minutes).
6. “Khorumi” – an original interpretation.

• The main requirement of the festival project is to create competition projects by original creative interpretations of Khorumi. 
• Choreographic performances represented by choreographic groups must be staged according to historical facts (Didgori, Marabda, Bakhtrioni, Aspinza, etc.), Georgian fables, patriotic songs, folk songs or Georgian poems and make original creative interpretations of Khorumi.
• In case the participant is selected to take part in the competition, the author will be informed a month earlier before the festival is officially opened. The organizers don’t have to give any explanations to the authors who weren’t selected for the competition.
• Nominated participants should attend the final concert and the rewarding ceremony of the festival.
• The final Gala Concert and the Rewarding Ceremony will take place on the 29th of May, 2014.
The participants must bring the following documents in the festival office:
• Filled application form
• Recommendation from art institutions
• No recommendations for physical persons

Art Festival Nominations:
• Best Choreographic Performance
• Best Vocal Performance
• Best Vocal-instrumental Performance
• Best Work in Fine Arts.
• Best Work in Film & TV Arts.
• Best Photo.
• Best Theatrical Etude.
• Best Original Interpretation
• Main Prize

Batumi Art state University
Art festival “Khorumi”
Batumi, Luka Asatiani Str. 37
Tel: + 599 706 709
Web-site: batu.edu.ge
E-mail: info@batu.edu.ge

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